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So I’m sure you recognize this as one of the epic moments from “The Prince of Egypt” where we see the super majestic whale as they cross through the Red Sea. However I noticed just one little issue: whale tales don’t move from side to side, they move up and down. And then it hit me, that’s not a whale. That’s not a whale. It’s a motherfucking SHARK. A BIG ASS MEGALODONIAN SHARK. WAITING IN THE WATER TO EAT THE PHARAOH’S SOLDIERS. Goddamn, Dreamworks.

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may you pick up your tea when it’s exactly the right temperature, and may you happen to glance out the window when the light is just how you like it.

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i’m challenging myself to do my reading from Barr and my position paper today.

guess what I’m NOT doing right now?


Protect autistic women at all costs.
Protect autistic women on all areas of the spectrum.
Protect autistic women of color.
Protect autistic trans women.
Protect diagnosed autistic women.
Protect undiagnosed autistic women.
Protect autistic women in media.
They are so, so important.

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